New Owner details

New Owner details

Posted by jake on Wed, 11/16/2011 - 09:55

This webform is to get information from a new owner, prior to getting his or her puppy. This information is required to be able to contact the owner and provide paperwork, etc.

Enter 'same as above' if the same as postal address

enter none if no landline

enter 'none' if no cell phone

enter 'none' if no FAX

Enter as many emails as you want. This will be the primary means of communication.

This is oprtional, mainly just so we know names when we call, or you visit.

Again, this is optional... ages and interests (e.g. hunting) also welcome

Joining CFNZ is optional, but we welcome new owners as voting members to contribute to CFNZ decisions. Current membership fee is $50 per year.

You can leave this field. It is just to record the litter to which your pup belongs